Merry Christmas from IMN

One of my most favorite times of the year is Christmas. I like the beauty of Christmas decorations; I like the food, especially the cookies (Pat is a great baker); I love the sound of little ones enjoying the surprise of opening gifts; I enjoy the times together with family and friends. It all makes for a joyous time of the year!

But, the greatest gift ever given took place over 2000 years ago, when a baby was born in Bethlehem. The savior of the world was born to a teenage girl and her carpenter husband, who would raise their son in a small town called Nazareth. From Nazareth, Jesus would advance a kingdom that has literally changed this world.

So, we celebrate the birthday of Jesus, but more importantly, we lift up the cross to a world that is in desperate need of a Savior. I feel so honored to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with each of you who are making a difference in your community. You do it because of the call God has put upon your life, but most of all, you do it because that is your heart. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family and may He make every provision for your need.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
Pastor Dan and Pat